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"Can a man get a blowjob from another man (or hell, even get fucked by another man), not be sexually attracted to men, have one of the best orgasms of his life, and still be straight? You bet your sweet ass he can! Through my site, I am able to give self-identifying straight men that awareness, and it is through that awareness that we as gay men will have one more supporter in our world who will be less likely the next time he goes to the voting booth or sits in his pew at church to cast votes and aspersions against something that he has now come to learn about himself. And that's why every person who passes through my door is always treated with dignity and respect. There is always a method to the madness in everything that I do. And that's why I'm sexually educating the world, one straight man at a time. :-P I hope you enjoy these first-time sexual experiences of real, self-identifying straight men exploring their natural curiosities on video!"

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With over 11 years of arousing hundreds of models, Club Amateur USA has striven to do it their way, mostly the same way. It's been a standardized set-up for a long time; predictable yet always erotic. A guy strips down, lays down, and gets a nice massage. But it doesn't stop there. Hands roam all over excited bodies. Shooting is continuous, showing the long, sensuous road to release. Starting with several years of site-man Casey Black doing the work, mostly slightly off-camera, the action has evolved over the past couple of years with the introduction of daddy porn-star Chad Brock as the on-camera instigator. There was also a break during 2008 where porn-star Ken Mack was the seducer in scenes of more typical hardcore action. And Matthew Rush shows up for a few scenes. But as of October 2011, Case Black returned to the screen to host the site and continues to do so.

The main scenario for this site is erotic massage to 'cumpletion'. Along the way is slow, deliberate stimulation of the penis and asshole, sometimes with toys, often with skilled blowjobs, and ALWAYS with strong handjobs bringing the guys to orgasm. The fantasy is of amateur guys, mostly straight and bisexual, and definitely curious, who want to explore the man-on-man side of their id. They find they can't resist the dexterous and oral skills of their host.

The models on the site have been about 40% each bi and straight, with 20% gay. The men range widely from enthusiastic 18-year-olds to mature and horny studs in their 40s. Slim to muscular, multi-racial and multi-ethnic. Ripped, tattooed, or hunky, and just happy. There's a few guys that you may recognize from other sites or occasional movies. Rusty Stevens, Nick Moretti, Trent Diesel, Brock Armstrong, and Braxton Bond are some familiar names. Special highlights are Scott Alexander as the first 'guest' for Gio Productions, and Elijah (aka Jet Set's Hayden Stephens) at the beginning of his career.

What's totally hot to watch is how the curious guys think they must resist and not react to the amazing rubdown they're getting, but in the end they gush forth with their loads because they simply can't hold back the sensations. Some of the guys get so turned on that they even achieve a double orgasm during an extended shoot. Club Amateur USA may define itself to a narrow genre, but their straight/bi/gay guy scenarios always maintain a high level of sensuality.

ClubAmateurUSA shares a special place in the BadPuppy network. It's been a staple site among the many which have come and gone over the years and contributes just as strongly to the network's success as the flagship site does. Though the sites name is Club "AMATEUR", the camerawork maintains a professional level. They work with three static cameras, there is adequate lighting, and the sound levels are up (you can hear every whisper and lubricated 'squish'). The site updates with 1 NEW massage video every week, but including the supplemental BadPuppy bonus content ("bonus feeds" from sites like Falcon, CocksureMen, Lucas Ent., Colt, and many more) there's a new porn update every day for you to enjoy. (The site mentions that it updates TWICE a week, but one of those two updates is a re-release of it's best, older content under the heading "Classic CAUSA".)


Club Amateur USA has been getting off straight and bisexual amateur guys for more than 11 years. Original site-meister Casey Black was the one who gave CAUSA its vision and the new producers brought this back on track after a few years of 'uncertainty'. But as it's longevity proves, CAUSA definitely hits the nail right on the head. With the modern advent of multiple 'erotic gay massage' porn sites, one should take note that Club Amateur USA has been perfecting the niche for 11 years. The site is dedicated to it's concept and has withstood the test of time having changed very little, yet maintaining the potency it has always carried.

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