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Jake says "My goal is to show that sex is fun. I strive to ensure that all performers are enjoying themselves all the time, so I keep direction to a minimum and provide a carefree work environment. It shows. You will see a wide variety of men and scenarios. Sometimes you'll see raunchy sex and sometimes romantic love making. You're going to see a lot of things you've never seen before. Some men will be in their early 20's and some in their 40's." Cocksure Men is the 3rd site that launched by Jake Cruise. Unlike his first site, self titled, 'Jake Cruise', he doesn't play a sexual role in any of these movies. Every once in a while you might hear his voice or he might appear fully clothed in a cameo role, but you'll never see him having sex with any of the men.

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If you enjoy men with an alpha-male mentality, then CocksureMen has got some content for YOU! Assertive, large and with definite 'presence', the men of CocksureMen command the screen.

The site is chock-full of muscle-bears paired with muscle-boys and older, fit 'daddies' paired with younger, fit, smooth-chested men. Not every video features the dynamic of intergenerational gay sex, but it DOES seem to be the backbone that runs through many of Jake Cruise's sites. For variety, there are plenty of muscle-boy on muscle-boy updates, and even a few daddy-on-daddy updates too. As stated in their manifesto, it's believable that there's little direction to the action during filming. Between the way the performers communicate with each other, be it body language or verbal commands, and the apparent chemistry, as evidenced by their smiles (or at least they don't look bored) and erotic groaning, many of these guys are bringing on some authentic, enjoyable gay sex performances.

What transpires during the sex varies from pairing to pairing based on the chemistry between the two. But you can count on all the main staples of gay porn to show up: lots of cock sucking, ample amounts of rimming, and no shortage of butt-fucking. What else goes on depends on what the actors are into. Toys have made appearances, there are massage videos, oral-only videos, 'fantasy' videos ('coach & athlete' seems to be a popular one) and solo videos among the updates in the 6-year-old (and growing) library. Many of the scenes at CocksureMen are bareback and Jake seems to have some definite opinions on the subject (see the About Us page).

Over those past 6 years, Cocksure Men has recorded exclusive videos featuring dozens and dozens of well-known adult porn stars. Nearly as much up-and-coming young talent has performed for Jake's cameras, but the ones he nabs for limited time exclusive performances really crown the collection. King of the heap, in that regards, is Bo Dean. Sharing the CocksureMen adult-performer spotlight are such (non-exclusive) actors as Colby Keller, Spencer Reed, Marc Dylan, Samuel Colt, Zeb Atlas, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Topher DiMaggio and Leo Giamani (Why does it feel like Jake had a sort-of stalker crush on Leo? He's, like, at the beginning of every list!) So, if you've got a fan favorite, you may want to see if they've appeared at CocksureMen (check the model index on the tour)!

Occasionally, we get a break from the american pool of adult talent. There are updates that contain some international talent, featuring buff gym-studs from Western Europe. Although it may be content shot by a foreign studio, these kinds of scenes are exclusive to CocksureMen and, thematically, are a perfect fit with the kind of content CocksureMen promises to deliver.

As far as camerawork goes, Jake has been at this for a large number of years now and he's certainly perfected his Pro-Am technique. Nearly all the videos are shot in his studios or at his home (where most of the outdoor/patio scenes are filmed). The site updates weekly and all the videos (new and archived) are downloadable to own forever.


To summarize, cocksure means confident - and the Cocksure Men have what it takes. There is a nice balance of hot pornstars and amateurs or non-pornstars, though their talents and attractions are certainly equal. They describe themselves as featuring "some of the hottest men in every type of action from solo to hardcore to bareback orgies." And on that, CocksureMen is a combo bareback and condom-sex site - some of the guys going unwrapped are lovers, others are not. Some of the content was transferred over from 'Jake Cruise'; now it's all original, and all in high definition. The quality of men is excellent both in their diversity, variety, enthusiasm, sex appeal, and well, hot bodies, cock and ass. What more could you want?

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