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Bigger isn't only better... it's Everything! Black guys, white guys, latinos, or in between - these horny studs wield their long fuck poles like soldiers going into battle while serving up an extra helping of cum-filled balls. Updated every week with a new, never before seen episode, exclusive models and a packed members area of carefully chosen content featuring some of the hottest, most well hung studs - you'll be cumming back again and again!! Sporting some of the biggest hard-ons you've ever seen, they're big, juicy and ready to explode! With all original and exclusive content and bona fide 8"+ boners measured by a real ruler -- not cyberspace inches, and without camera tricks or photoshop wizardry, ExtraBigDicks delivers what you crave! These huge cocks were made to stuff any awaiting tight hole aching to be filled. Now the only question is - will it all fit?

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Once managed by gay porn production company, Pride Studios, now managed by gay porn mega-network, Next Door Studios, Extra Big Dicks has been rolling out the tape-measure for the most monster-sized cocks since 2005. All aspiring applicants be warned: 8" is the MINIMUM required length for glorification in these Halls of Huge Dick. And to be a real playa' amongst these horse-hunk hunks, you'll need to stand up to some STIFF competition! Lucky for the rest of us, there are no losers from a spectator's perspective! Dick hounds, size queens, or simply those of us who are looking for a challenge will find plenty of pleasing peckers to oggle at and fantasize about at Extra Big Dicks.

These trophy cocks may be impressive in their own right, but at Extra Big Dicks, these fuckers are put to WORK! As many big dicks as there are, there is no shortage of volunteers willing to allow these stallions to wreck their throats and holes. Extra Big Dick explores all the usual kinds of sex, occasionally with an amusing, thinly applied veneer of plot and theme. But, it *IS* always about the big dick, with the bigger of the two nearly always taking the topping role. We've seen big, floppy-dicked bottoms getting fucked as well, and that's always a welcome site too.

Much of the action at Extra Big Dicks mostly revolves around men with big dicks stretching tight holes, or cocksuckers attempting to throat the whole enormous thing. Solo's happen but they are relatively rare (only 7 out of 38 updates were solo's in the past 9 months). Older videos used to play up the 'measure and compare' angle where they'd interview the model about his cock and peoples various reactions to it and what he likes to do with it. Much of that kind of stuff has been abandoned in modern years - and this is unfortunate. There's a lot to explore here; many people fetishize big cock. Yes, the site does promise to bring us 'Big Dicks'... and it does so, consistently... But we'd have to say our one criticism about the content is this: make a BIGGER deal about it! For example, for a 'Big Dick' site, scenes featuring 'cockworshiping' seem to be regretfully absent. A shame, we think. They've already established the premise... Big Dicks! But this premise seems only to be an underlying current which simply gets taken for granted. But... those BIG DICKS are indeed there, so ... not TOO much complaining from the peanut gallery, here. At least we do get extreme close-ups, and views from above and below, which all big dick lovers really want. It seems that Extra Big Dicks tries to be tastefully understated, leaving the "shock and awe" approach to other websites.

As you may be able to tell, it's the COCKS that are the stars at Extra Big Dicks. Usually the man attached to the dick is an amateur gay porn model chosen for the size of his cock as the primary consideration. These men are a sexy and pleasantly diverse lot: gay, straight, black, white, Latino, Euro, twink, muscle stud, cut and uncut - all XXL in the dick department. Besides these talented amateurs, there are occasional porn stars featured at Extra Big Dicks. Just this year alone, we've seen Tommy Defendi, Drake Jaden, Angel Rock, Dominic Pacifico, Connor Maguire, Andrew Justice, Doug Acre, Damien Crosse, Jack King and others share their prodigious peckers with us and their scene-mates.

The camera work was a bit simple in the earliest years: one static camera, occasionally handheld. The content was thoroughly amateur and the audio was a bit weak. Over time, the old content improved technically with better lighting and sound. Now, since filming had been taken over by Next Door Studios, the production and editing have become quite professional.

With almost a decade of theme-dedicated content and reliable weekly updates in their archives, you'd probably be well entertained for days and days to cum. But that's not all! (/Don Pardo voice) Thanks to the NextDoor Studio Network of which Extra Big Dicks is a part of, membership includes access to current and archived updates from brother sites: Men Over 30, Circle Jerk Boys, and High Performance Men - all of which update once a week as well. Members can also access the full archive of updates from Dylan Lucas and Boyz Party, neither of which are updating any longer.


Extra Big Dicks is a great gay sex site where you are guaranteed to get your itch for "Big Dick" scratched. There are no disappointments where monster cock hounds are concerned. And, whereas the sex may be somewhat vanilla, at least it's not overdone or sensationalized with wide angle shots and overly-surprised bottoms in shock and pretend-pain from the railing. A 30 day membership is well worth the asking price, and updates are regular and abundant. All videos are downloadable and yours to own for life. It's even Mobile-Accessible. Bottom line: If you want consistent delivery of Big Dicks: every update - guaranteed, then Extra Big Dicks is the place for you.

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