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New, exclusive hardcore scenes daily! 400+ top pornstars! The most updated gay site on the net! 8 Exclusive sites for the price of 1! Men of UK, The Gay Office, Drill My Hole, Str8 to Gay, Big Dicks at School and Jizz Orgy, Gods of Men & Top To Bottom All gathered in one central site, the megalithic site simply called: Men!

Full Review is the main hub of a network of 8 niched sites. From his hub, you can access each of the networked sites updates. Each branch off this main hub has a certain theme: Big Dicks at School explores the popular student/teacher sexual tension dynamic. Drill My Hole concentrates on pairing power-tops with power-bottoms. Str8 to Gay features the straight boy seduction fantasy. The Gay Office shows off the sensual niches of workplace sex and suit sex. Jizz Orgy is all about group sex and gangbanging. Men of UK, of course, highlights sexy Brit stars. Gods of Men showcases their more popular adult stars in more seductive settings and Top To Bottom is the site where 'Total Tops' take the dive and go 'bottom' for other dom tops who are soon to show up in the bottom role themselves. Everything is hardcore in's 8 sites; duos, threeways, to orgies.

Exclusive Adult Stars seems to be one of Men's biggest draws. Among their exclusives are fan favorite twink & uber-bottom Johnny Rapid; English muscle-man Paddy O'Brian; Andrew Stark and his 9" weapon of ass destruction; and handsome, ultra-buff Tyler St. James. Straight porn star Rocco Reed was lured over to the gay side for a fast coupla dozen shoots. Those are just a few exclusive stars but there are over 370 guys who've performed for Men. It seems like every guy who's been popular or active in gay porn over the past few years is onsite. You'll also find big studio guys like Landon Conrad, Trenton Ducati, DO, Adam Killian, Christian Wilde, Rafael Alencar, Damien Crosse, Mark Dylan. More of our/your faves include Tyler Sweet, John Magnum, Dean Monroe, Tommy Defendi, Kirk Cummings, Ricky Sinz, Bobby Clark, Gavin Waters, Christopher Daniels, Donny Wright, Harley Everett, Dale Cooper, Hunter Page. Tom Faulk with rockin' bod and surfer shag, is our beachboy fantasy. There's some twins too, and on and on and on. The pairings and groupings are scorching. In every hardcore case, the quality of fucking matches the prominence of the domain name. features the hottest men, in the hottest videos and photos, of the hottest man-on-man action!

Since they're shot in high def (old PC's be warned, it'll tax your systems abilities), the picture quality is excellent. So is videography, lighting, framing, angles, zooming... all of it. To fit the niches of the various sites, vids have a bit of plot going on with sexy set-ups and convincing acting. They're fun and smart and build up the suspense for the sex that'll come soon. Takes are long and languorous, muscles, hard cocks and fucked butts always in generous supply. Photos are incredibly high quality.

The other big draw of is the frequency of it's updates: Every Day. Yes, 7 solid, hardcore updates a week. No recycled material, no updates containing JUST photographs, no old DVD scene filler. Just 100% gay sex every day of the week and all fully downloadable to own. With an aggresive production schedule like that and such high quality production, you'd think that would command the highest price they can for membership. I'm happy to report they do not. Provided you like the line-up of performers: with their membership priced on par with the industry average and with their 7-day-a-week release schedule, you'll find some of the BEST value for your money in all of Gay Porndom at Can you find a site that financially boils down to '1 dollar per update'?


It'd be worth buying a new computer just to best experience the high definition, high quality videos, photos, and men on It's an insanely wonderful gay porn-site with excellent site design and layout; it's easy and functional, intuitive, complete but not complex. It's a multi-site with 8 sub-sites that mine a variety of sexy niches. is a million dollar domain - previously a lifestyle/news site - acquired in 2011 by a multi-national, straight porn conglomerate, as their entry into gay porn - and from's August 2011 launch, they headed straight for the top!

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