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CockyBoys is the adult brand that hit the industry like a tidal wave in 2007 with the launch of the multiple industry award-winning and wildly popular subscription site CockyBoys.com. Since then they have signed over a dozen exclusives, garnered thousands of loyal fans, made headlines all over the industry, and in 2010 launched a successful hit DVD line with global distribution. CockyBoys has produced an impressive catalog of some of the most original and uniquely branded content in gay adult entertainment. Videos feature confident young men not pretending to be anything, you see these guys as they really are; no themes, no pretense, no gimmicks. Just the hottest, cockiest men really into sex with each other and proud to do it for the cameras and members.

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Cocky Boys began under the leadership of one Kyle Majors. In 2010, Kyle was replaced by mastermind and night-life hipster, Benny Morecock, who took up command over the edgy company leading it into a bold new direction. Under his leadership, Benny successfully kept to the core of what it meant to be a 'cocky boy' as well as expanding the studios parameters going so far as to work hand in hand with other big names in the industry AND releasing it's own brand of porno-documentaries.

Nothing is absolute on CockyBoys. You might think it's all about bringing in a new crop of inked guys who'd get the most hardcore screen time, but the site still has a 5-year back catalogue of porn that mixes up amateurs and porn stars. When you think it's all about sizzling duos with those CockyBoys exclusives, they'll throw in some amateur solos or duos that seem so timeless you won't be sure if they're current or older. There are scenes shot for the site, scenes shot for feature releases, and even scenes done with other big name studios like Naked Sword and Bel-Ami, where they get to cross-over their exclusive stars to mind bending effect!

4 years ago, when Benny took over, CockyBoys moved into it's future while still enjoying its past. There are hundreds of hot vids with their late 2000s stars. But in 2011 and into 2012, CockyBoys found and developed the next generation of CockyBoys boys, cockier than ever. There are hot exclusives: mega-top, prince-alberted Phenix Saint and French Canadian Gabriel Clark are worthy carry-overs; dark-eyed, hairy Tommy Defendi is a former Raging Stallion exclusive; versatile big-dicked Mason Star [retired] and young inked Jake Bass are the twunky complements to the bunch. Power-twunk Max Ryder is super-hot. And the list of new exclusives being signed on grows rapidly: Levi Michaels, Ben Rose, Bravo Delta, Levi Karter, Max Carter, Dillon Rossi, Arnaud Chagall - WOW! They all fuck each other in different combinations of 2, 3, 4, or more. Under Benny, new CockyBoys are described as such: "Cocky Boys's are sexy, inked-up mofo's: part angel, part devil. Being a CockyBoy isn't just a six-pack and a few tattoos - being a CockyBoy is all attitude." CockyBoys definitely live up to their name - they're confident and sure of themselves - and of course they have the big meat and they do know how to use it!

The price for membership is right on target for the industry standard. But let it be known: even though the site is mobile compatible, if you want to browse on your device, you'll need to purchase membership over your phone. Luckily, mobile only membership has a lower subscription rate than as if you signed up for the 'desktop' version.


CockBoys is a remarkable gay porn site. There are few sites with such authentic character and NONE that do it better. It's videos border on art because not only is the sex smouldering, but the camerawork is BRILLIANTLY PROFESSIONAL. Their Feature Films are the stuff of modern legend receiving such praise as "Worth the hype", "Top in it's industry", "Redefining gay porn", and "Raises the bar". So, when you see the membership prices which are pretty much in tune with the standard for the industry, know that you're getting uniquely original and highly polished gay porn with NO restrictions (download and wank to it forever, boys.)

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