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While many gay porn sites have come and gone during its day, BadPuppy still remains. BadPuppy has been a longstanding staple of the online gay porn scene for nearly 20 years. Back in the day when BadPuppy first started out, it originally set about providing surfers with so much more than just gay porn. There were link lists for all sorts of gay resources: gay related news feeds, health and disease information, travel facts, gay sex advice, as well as LGBT community message boards. Now-a-days, thankfully to the increased acknowledgement of the gay lifestyle, this information is widely available; there are ample mainstream outlets to assist current and future homoseuals in finding this information. Now that the equality agenda has taken hold, Badpuppy no longer needed to carry that torch. As such, it has streamlined its offerings and focuses on bringing us hot gay sex amateurs and adult gay porn stars via next-gen technology.

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(UPDATED 9/10/15) Now, let's pry open the door to the puppy-lode! Badpuppy brings us some of the finest models from both overseas (mostly the Czech Republic filmed by renowned content provider, William Higgins) and from the United States. Many of the euro-boys are amateur talent, whereas some of the American models are well known porn talent (well known in their day, that is. There's nearly 20 years of content at BadPuppy and what with the constant revolving door porn stars, many models have come and gone.) They boys and men range from extremely tone to hunky, from twinks to buff young men, from their late teens to their early early 30's. Models are mostly caucasian with non-anglo ethnicities numbering in the single digit percentages.

While offering amateur talent the opportunity to break into the biz with a solo jerkoff video, Duos at BadPuppy offer more variety. They range from 'service' videos (where one guy lays back and gets worshiped and has sex acts performed upon him) to full-on gay sex.

Sex acts at BadPuppy don't venture much into kink or artistic expression. Much of the content proceeds with the "Holy Gay Trifecta of Sex Acts": Suck - Rim - Fuck. The raunchiest the action gets is the inclusion of sex toys, cum-facials, cum-eating, or at it's kinkiest: snowballing. Bareback sex and flip-fucking are not uncommon.

Most shoots occur in a studio, but occasionally a hot outdoor gay sex scene (most likely in some rural, farm-like european setting) becomes available. The style of filmmaking may be considered Pro-Am: it's not quite amateur, there are obvious production values that are striven for, but the product lacks the highly produced editing and directing 'shine and polish' big name studios give their videos. They use one or two cameras in their set-ups and the lighting is always bright and clear.

Along with a massive, nearly-20-years-old, content library, the site contains access to ample amounts 'Bonus Content' which provides the member with a diverse array of gay porn themes. The primary supplement to membership is full access to their sister site, Club Amateur USA. CAUSA is a complete website which specializes in voyeuristic, gay erotic massage videos. Other bonus content is provided via 'feeds' and select scenes made available from other top name studios and sites such as Lucas Ent, Phoenixxx, Raging Stallions, Bel Ami, Colt, CitiBoyz and many more. Between these bonuses and original BadPuppy content, the 'MegaSite' does indeed update DAILY. So there's ALWAYS something new, everyday, at BadPuppy.

BadPuppy has newly upgraded it's legendary site to be more accommodating to modern day mobile viewing. In addition to its new 'responsive' design, BadPuppy now also offers a Streaming Only membership at a reduced price. In this day and age of digital distribution, downloading and 'collecting' porn has become an old fad. Not all paying members need or want to own the content and why should you play full price if you only want to watch when you want to watch? An unlimited streaming only membership at BadPuppy is a mobile viewing members best choice.


Overall, what wins us over is simply browsing the massive and well stocked model index at Badpuppy. Nearly 20 years of guys who are always horny and hot. They play to the camera - they play with themselves to please you. Badpuppy offers multitudes of men, with acres of abs and droves of dick, teeming with tush, and crammed with cock. You'll see rivers of cum, as hundreds of hotties sizzle with sexiness. You can't help but go "woof" every time a new BadPuppy pumps, sucks, pounds, or erupts! Badpuppy is international in scope with enough varied content to get anyone off.

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