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The Fraternity X manifesto: "We are an official Fraternity at a University in Arizona just outside of Phoenix. We created a gay porn site to help put us through college. We cannot say our fraternity name or letters for obvious reasons so online we call ourselves Fraternity X. A lot of people ask if were straight or gay. We don't like labels but would probably consider ourselves bi-sexual. Some of us have done porn in the past but never created our own site. Its been really tough, and is a lot of work to maintain. We deserve every penny of your monthly membership fee. So if you're not a member and like watching the previews, try subscribing to the site. We promise you won't be disappointed."

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Fraternity X is a gay sex porn site which specializes in the kinds of raucous, horny hijinx frat-boys will get up to when cloistered in their hovel of a frathouse. This usually boils down to one of the younger guys being passed around the living room like a sex doll. The setting is complete with bongs, ashtrays and spent cans of beer littering every scene. Bareback sex abounds, and as you can expect from horny frat boys, it's all about gettin' to the nut. The dudes fuck and get their dicks sucked with typical youthful, single-minded determination.

There is a core group of guys who appear throughout the videos. Membership in this cool clique rotates as some guys stop appearing and new ones start hanging out. All of them are young, college age dudes with slender builds. Occasionally a ripped college jock will show up in the videos but it's always just some average dude. You won't find any buffed up and polished gay porn models here.

Navigation within the site couldn't be more simple. Once inside, the only thing there is to do is to scroll down the one page and browse through all the updates. Click on the one that interests you and you'll be brought to a page where you can watch the video (and bring it to full screen). There are no images to speak of outside of the non-clickable thumbnail screenshots. Everything about Fraternity X is about the amateur video. Mind you, amateur doesn't mean 'bad'! It's exactly this style of the video that gives Fraternity X it's charm. The site is chock full of P.O.V. hand camera action. And to their credit, the lighting does not suffer due to this style of camerawork. Someone in that frat house is a film major...


If you ever wondered exactly how debased and sexual young college men in their early 20's can get, seemingly under the influence and in their own 'natural environment', Fraternity X delivers. The price for membership is standard for the industry for a recurring membership, but you'll be charged a bit extra for only single month's membership. If you've really got a thing for sexual tensions among social peers where bullying, hazing and competition is common, you'll find all of it in spades at Fraternity X. No other site exhibits the humiliation and bravado exchanged between frat-brothers performing acts of sexual dominance upon each other the way Fraternity X does.

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