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The Next Door Buddies men are comprised of people from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds. We find the guys that appear here in a multitude of ways. Some of them have sought out an appearance on this site, some of them have responded to ads, some have been referred to us by friends and other models, and others are individuals just looking to get into the adult industry.

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Next Door Buddies has been on the scene for many many years and has seen it's fair share of evolution. For a while, in recent history, the site was very focused on a small selection of male models of which only a few ever really seemed to take off with the fans. Add to that, that the Studio was embroiled in drama about gay-for-pay models, exclusive actors breaking contracts, and a certain G4P model demanding more straight scenes in proportion to his gay ones. Well, if you thought you knew NextDoorBuddies in the past, you should take a look again.

Having listened to members and fans, NDS dismissed many (formerly exclusive) stars from their harem of hunks and revised their approach to producing gay porn:"We are committed to meeting our member's expectations. With their feedback we have signed new, exclusive Next Door Studios models including: Austin Storm, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Cole Christiansen, Dante Martin, Jax Dylan, Mario Torrez and Slate Steele. We also hired a new director to bring a fresh and modern direction to our production. In addition, we made the decision to occasionally film condom-free scenes."

Even though their production angle may have been adjusted, the one thing that always worked for NDB is still in place: it's a prime destination for MAJOR BEEFCAKE. We're talkin' about the kind of beefcake that is FLAWLESS. Skin as smooth as a dolphin, pecs the size of dinner plates, bulging biceps, cheese-grater abdominals, and handsome to DEATH... the guys at NDB are pime examples of fine male models. Thankfully, they're not all clones. Some are tatooed and pierced, age ranges spread throughout the 20's, and a TINY handful have beards and mustaches. But overall, if you like handsome, young muscular men, Next Door Buddies is your place. For the hardcore action, these studs are arranged in a many combinations of pairs and occasionally group/orgy scenes. Updates can sometimes be quirky, other times, sultry. But all in all, NDB does tend to stay in the realms of 'vanilla' sex; there's not one fetish video to be seen anywhere in the place. Although, there was a video in 2013 spotlighting a really hot daddy/boy pairing... but that's about as far as we've ever seen the envelope pushed at NDB.

The site, with it's years of content and multiple iterations of style and cast, is a juggernaut. Considering these variables, content varies from older, extremely amateur, 1st time gay sex videos, to the newer, highly polished and produced videos. Speaking of content, possibly the greatest perk members are able to take advantage of with an NDB membership is the access they get to the other 13 sites in the Next Door World network. These additional sites cover multiple alternate niches such as black men, twinks, and straight men. And the icing on the cake is that every movie is fully downloadable and yours to own forever; no DRM!


In summary, Next Door Buddies has been a long time power-house of porn in the online gay adult entertainment scene. Membership at NDB is a solid purchase because the site is definitly here to stay and offers some of the net's most contemporary gay porn which appeals to a very large audience. NDB has succeeded very well over the years because it has consistantly dedicated itself to providing members with models who match the sites chosen theme ("The guy next door with the guy next door") while still being mutable enough itself to explore it's own evolution.

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